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BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

Having a gun is an immense responsibility, but often a necessity as well. Whether you keep it for personal home protection or just to practice your shooting skills every once in a while, not being able to store it appropriately can lead to a lot of drama in the future. With these ideas in mind, it is imperative to invest in a safe as soon as you get a gun.

With these ideas in mind, BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe is among the best rated safes you can find in commerce these days. If still not sure about its capabilities, read on to discover what we have found out about this product. Take your time and ensure that it can actually meet your necessities.

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe is a compact product designed for small and medium guns. It is just as handy for small items that need to be kept away from your kids, housekeepers or “curious” guests, such as jewelry, watches or even important documents. The biometric locking mechanism ensures that no one has access to it but you and whoever you entrust for this operation. It can be installed anywhere too.

Barska AX11620-002

Very deep customization
The safe can be customized in very small details. The biometric purpose allows opening it with fingerprints only. There are no codes involved, especially since they might be spotted in a moment of inattention. When it comes to your fingerprints, you no longer need to worry about getting the right keys or remembering codes. Besides, this model can remember up to 30 different fingerprints. Unless you live alone or with your kid only, it might be a good idea to give your spouse or perhaps your parents access to it as well.

Simple installation
BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe is a compact 7.8×11.8×7.8 inch product. It weighs around 12 pounds. It comes with a few holes on top and the back. In other words, you can mount it on a wall, but you can just as well do it under a shelf. No matter how hard it is to unlock, it should still not be easily accessible by children. If you do not feel like drilling your walls, you can just as well place it on a tall shelf.

The futuristic biometric technology
The biometric technology is not about locking safes with codes or miraculous mechanisms, but about using your own fingerprints, which are unique. From this point of view, setting the safe is very simple, while accessing it is even easier. No one can get inside without actually having “access” to your hands. Setting up and using the system is very simple. Just check the detailed owner’s manual.

Barska AX11620-006


  • While it might look larger than other compact safes, it is a lot quieter when being locked or unlocked.
  • The biometric locking mechanism is extremely quick, so you gain access to your valuables in no time.
  • Very cost efficient for what it can do.


  • Old and worn skin may not always be recognized, so people in their 70s or 80s may not always benefit from this safe.
  • Cannot recognize wet and wrinkled fingerprints, but it makes perfect sense.

Customer reviews
While you will probably find some negative reviews too, it is very important to know that no product is perfect. Besides, ensure that they actually refer to your necessities as well.

A happy customer claims that using BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe accordingly will open it within 2 or 3 seconds. Slide the finger in and try to grip the reader for a perfect reading position.

Another customer agrees that he keeps more than just a gun in the safe – a few magazines and some money as well.

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe
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