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SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

If you have just considered trying out a crossbow for your latest hunting season, you may want to look at the entry level models that will help you get used to the way it feels like, before you get to choose a more advanced model. The problem with the most basic models is that they are often poor in quality. At least, their price is that much lower, but this doesn’t exactly apply to all of the available choices. Some of them can be used by more experienced hunters or archers without a problem.

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The best choice for the mere beginners would be a crossbow pack, rather than the individual weapon. The reason behind this is that packs, in general, have all of the starter equipment you may need. This is just what you can expect with the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package. A nice combination which couples up a great price and decent quality.

The basic specs
The SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package stocks an intimidating 175-pound draw weight, resulting with an amazing FPS output of 240. This should be enough for archery practice sessions, but also hunting, although with this power output, the best you could do is hunt for small or medium sized prey. It comes with a detachable quiver and four 16’’ aluminium arrows, although, as a lot of buyers pointed out, they tend to break and bend really easily.
This could drastically decrease your accuracy, but fortunately, it can be improved by switching to higher quality carbon arrows instead. Speaking of accuracy, if you need some fine precision features, this crossbow comes with a 4×32 multi – reticle sight scope, which actually has decent vision, but wobbles slightly on the mount, so you should probably consider getting a better quality scope if you decide to get the Sports Fever.
Some assembly efforts required


One of the things you may not like too much about the SA Sports Fever is the fact that it may take slightly longer to assemble, especially if you have never put a crossbow together before.While it essentially isn’t that hard and shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes altogether, complete beginners to assembling are not going to be alone. The printed instruction manual that comes with the package will point you to an Internet video, that will help you understand how to do it.
Lightweight and very comfortable

The Sports Fever has a rather sturdy construction, but is overall well built, with the main thoughts focused on comfort. You will be glad to know that it is extremely comfortable to both hold and use, and since its weight actually 4.8 pounds, it is considered to be lightweight, so it should not cause you fatigue problems over time.

It has a comfortable shoulder pad, the trigger of the crossbow is also comfortable to hold and use. The ambidextrous Anti Dry Fire device employs a layer of safety to the Sports Fever, but the more interesting addition would be a rope cocking device, which reduces the weight by a lot and helps you manage to cock it easier.


• Lightweight and comfortable to hold
• It has a solid frame and is well built
• Convenient and flawless detachable quiver
• Cheap and open to beginners

• The scope may act up at times
• The aluminium bolts that come with the Fever are easily broken
• May prove to be slightly more difficult to put together

The overall impression
Thanks to the accessible price and the good design, the SA Sports Fever can easily come through as a great product to consider, especially if you would like to experience your first hunting season with a crossbow. Not to say that it won’t serve you just as well if you are a more experienced crossbow aficionado, but its lightweight construction may suit the beginners more.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package
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SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543$129.85
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Huntingdoor 12Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads 125 Grain Arrow Head Hunting Arrow Tips Golden for Compound Bow and Crossbow$7.70
(as of 07/27/2017 05:18 PDT - Details)
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